Clickcorp ugg boots manufacturing and distribution facilityMelbourne, Australia is the home of Clickcorp’s main manufacturing plant and its head office. What started as a humble shoemaker shop “Australian Comfort” more than 30 years ago has grown into 25,000 square feet ugg boots and sheepskin footwear manufacturing and distribution facility.

Whilst constantly growing, the hand crafted quality of each pair of uggs and the excellent fashion sense remain to be our trademark. Since these early beginnings we developed a reputation as a maker of premium quality sheepskin boots. Over the years, our reputation of making the most luxurious and durable sheepskin footwear has gained more recognition and notoriety.

In 2006, Australian Comfort merged with Clickcorp Pty. Ltd. creating a unique vertically integrated company that is 100% Australian owned and operated. Our mission is to maintain the proud tradition of ugg boot making in Australia and to provide premium 100% natural sheepskin footwear. Keeping focus on innovation and latest fashion trends makes our uggs stand out from the rest.

Today, ugg boots manufactured by Clickcorp are sold all over the globe under the “Chic Empire” label. This label is fast becoming synonymous with the best quality, fashionable sheepskin footwear.

Australian Made Ugg bootsClickcorp maintains a strong commitment to manufacturing in Australia, supporting Australian jobs and our economy. All our boots are made to the highest manufacturing standards in Melbourne, Australia. Chic Empire is proudly accepted by the Australian Made Campaign and the Australian Sheepskin Association.

We hand-craft our ugg boots using only premium A-grade Australian sheepskins and each pair undergoes stringent quality control process. This ensures that all Chic Empire uggs are not only durable, but also luxurious and soft!