What is an “ugg boot”?

An “ugg boot” is generic term for a boot that is made out of natural, double faced sheepskin. Ugg boots have been made in Australia and New Zealand for more than 100 years and have become popular worldwide. There are many boots that are made from faux sheepskin or wool glued on to cows hide, which claim to be ugg boots. However, only boots that are made from 100% natural, double faced sheepskin can be considered to be “ugg boots”. Please visit the following link for more information on ugg boots: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ugg_boots.


Is there more than one manufacturer for ugg boots?

There are many ugg boots manufacturers, but only a handful are based in Australia and make genuine Australian uggs from Australian sheepskins. The best way to ensure you are purchasing genuine Australian made ugg boots is to look for the Australian Made and Owned green triangle swing tag on the ugg boots, such as the one found on Chic Empire uggs. For further information on genuine Australian ugg boot manufacturers please visit the Australian Sheepskin Association website.


Do your ugg boots come with labels on the heels?

All Chic Empire ugg boots come with a label on the heel that displays our trademarked crown logo and words “Made in Australia”. Chic Empire uggs also have “Made in Australia” label stitched into the binding at the top of the ugg boots.


How do I know I am purchasing genuine Australian made ugg boots?

To ensure you are purchasing genuine Australian made ugg boots look for the Australian Made and Owned green swing tag on the boots. Chic Empire is a proud member of the Australian Made Australian Grown Campaign, as well a member of Australian Sheepskin Association. All Chic Empire ugg boots are made in Melbourne, Australia from genuine Australian sheepskin and we regularly undergo stringent assessment by the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign to ensure all our uggs are 100% genuine Australian made ugg boots.


Are there various types of sheepskin?

As with any natural material, the quality of sheepskin varies substantially and there are several grades of quality. These grades are determined by factors, such as thickness of the wool, wool fiber count and texture of the hide. Chic Empire ugg boots are made from the finest 100% natural Australian A-Grade sheepskin, which is the highest grade available. The sheepskin we use has thick wool on the inside with very high wool fiber count and smooth fault free hide on the outside, which is velvety in texture. This makes our ugg boots not only very comfortable to wear, but ensures they are durable and look fantastic.


What are Chic Empire Ugg Boots made from?

Chic Empire ugg boots are made from the finest quality materials. We use only 100% genuine double-faced Australian Grade A sheepskins that are tanned using an environmentally friendly process to obtain luxurious and rich colours. The soles on Chic Empire ugg boots are manufactured from high density lightweight EVA and rubber compounds to create Durasole™, which is a lightweight and durable sole that provides excellent grip and comfort. In addition, Chic Empire uggs come with Formflex™ heel reinforcement that ensures our ugg boots keep shape and provide excellent heel support. All Chic Empire ugg boots are also double stitched for extra durability.


Are ugg boots water proof?

Chic Empire ugg boots are made from 100% genuine Australian sheepskin, which has some water resistant qualities. However, we do recommend that Ugg Protector, Water and Oil Repellent spray is applied to the ugg boots if they are going to be exposed to large amounts of water or snow.


How do I care for my ugg boots?

Proper care of Chic Empire ugg boots will ensure their longevity for years to come. Although sheepskin naturally has some water resistant qualities, we recommend that the ugg boots be sprayed with a waterproof Ugg Protector, Water and Oil Repellent spray prior to being worn. This specially formulated spray will ensure the boots are more water resistant and easier to clean. If the ugg boots do get slightly wet, simply allow your uggs to dry in the shade, which will ensure they remain very comfortable and look fantastic.


How do I clean my ugg boots?

We recommend that you hand wash your Chic Empire ugg boots in warm water using Ugg Shampoo and Conditioner. You can also use the Ugg Shampoo and Conditioner to spot clean the ugg boots, which will ensure your uggs look fantastic for many years. Once the ugg boots are washed they should be dried in the shade to ensure the texture of the sheepskin and the wool remains soft and luxurious.


Can I wear my ugg boots barefoot?

Ugg boots have been traditionally worn barefoot due to the unique qualities of sheepskin. The lanolin in the wool helps to moisturize the skin, while the wool itself keeps your feet dry and very warm. In addition, the soft wool inside provides cushioning and allows air circulation around your feet making the ugg boots extremely comfortable.