It is well known that sheepskin boots have been around for decades, but their origin and the name ugg boots remain highly contested both with Australia and New Zealand claiming to be the original manufacturers of sheepskin uggs. Early records suggest that sheepskin boots have been used in Australian outback since the early 1900s, which is not surprising since Australia has been and is highly regarded for its sheepskin industry. Other accounts indicate that sheepskin boots have been worn by pilots during World War I and II to keep them warm in the freezing unpressurised cockpits and were called ‘fug boots’ due to their unattractive appearance. However, one of the most common beliefs as to the origin of the term ‘ugg boots’ is that the name evolved from an Australian manufacturer in the 1950s who referred to them as ‘ugly boots’ or ‘ugh boots’.

Although early origin of ugg boots and the name are still unclear, their shot to fame started in the 1960s when competitive surfers began using ugg boots to keep their feet warm after exiting the surf. This propelled the popularity of ugg boots beyond the shores of Australia and New Zealand, igniting the ugg boot craze all over the world.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, ugg boots became a fashion statement and a must have item for any wardrobe. Sheepskin ugg boots have been photographed on many celebrities including Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez. New designs and trends in ugg boots continue to expand their fan-base, while the unbeatable comfort and warmth of classic ugg boot styles ensure their ongoing popularity with anyone who owns a pair.

Unfortunately, the past decade has seen a large influx of poorly made ugg boots/imitations coming out of China. However, a small number of ugg boots manufacturers have managed to remain in Australia and are proud to continue the legacy of making genuine Australian ugg boots. Chic Empire Ugg Boots continues to remain 100% Australian owned and made, which ensures all our customers are able to purchase and enjoy genuine Australian uggs that are made from finest A-grade Australian sheepskin. To view our current range of ugg boots and sheepskin footwear please visit Chic Empire Ugg Boots on-line store or one of our store locations where you can find the latest fashion styles and favorite classics.