Classic Ugg Boots

Chic Empire Classic Ugg Boots range showcases the most popular ugg boot styles that have become a must have for every wardrobe. This range includes ugg boots for men and women in a wide variety of colors, styles, heights and sizes, which allows you to find your perfect pair of uggs. The styles that have been included in our must have Classic Ugg Boots range are:

  • Classic Mini Ugg Boots – these uggs measure 18cm in height, making them extremely easy to put on and perfect for inside an outside wear.
  • Classic 3/4 Ugg Boots – are one of the most versatile ugg boots styles. These uggs measure 25cm in height, which makes them very practical and suitable for any wardrobe.
  • Classic Tall Ugg Boots – these boots provide extra leg coverage, while being unisex and suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. At 35cm in height they, stylishly complete any outfit
  • Classic Ultra Tall Ugg Boots – are the tallest uggs on the market, measuring 42cm from the bottom of the soles. This style is the most popular with those looking for uggs that provide the maximum leg coverage and warmth.
  • Offroader Ugg Boots – are perfect for outdoor wear in rugged conditions. These uggs have a heavy duty rubber sole that provides excellent grip in any condition, while still being lightweight and durable.
  • Nappa Ugg Boots – the polished leather finish of the nappa accentuates the natural leather look, which makes these uggs not only extremely stylish but also improves water resistant qualities of the sheepskin.
  • Lace Up Ugg Boots – these uggs are perfect for anyone looking for boots to fit wider calves. The laces not only add style to the ugg boots, but make them very easy to put on and allow the uggs to be adjusted to fit anyone.

The selection of styles in our Chic Empire Classic Ugg Boots collection will ensure you will find a perfect pair of uggs for everyday wear that are practical, stylish and most importantly keep your feet toasty and warm. Be sure to view our wide selection of colors, styles and sizes available in our Classic Ugg Boots range.

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