Ugg Boots Care Kit

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An essential item to keep your ugg boots looking newer for longer. Made in Australia and specially formulated for sheepskin footwear and ugg boots.

The care kit contains:

Sheepskin & Suede Protector.
This Product applies an invisible, breathable layer of protection to keep your sheepskin boots clean and dry, and allows the sheepskin & suede to continue looking newer for longer.

Sheepskin & Suede Shampoo.
Chic Empire Sheepskin & Suede Shampoo is used to clean, condition and rejuvenate the colour of your sheepskin boots.

Suede Sponge.
Suede Sponge gives sheepskin boots a clean new look. Brushing your sheepskin boots with the dry sponge removes loose nup, lint and surface soils.


Sheepskin Boots Care Kit