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If you have a retail store or are interested in purchasing or distributing Chic EmpireĀ® ugg boots and other footwear, then we would love to talk to you.

Please call our head office on +61 3 9544 6110 to discuss your specific requirements.

If you want to get a genuine Australian Made Ugg boot manufactured from ‘A’ grade Australian double-faced sheepskin, you can’t go past Chic Empire® ugg boots.

The Chic Empire® label is fast becoming synonymous with the best quality fashionable sheepskin ugg boots. Chic Empire® uggs are being sold alongside the famous ‘LFA’ and ‘Ugg Australia’ brands and are becoming favourite of many celebrities.

What sets us apart from many other brands is that Chic Empire® maintains a strong commitment to manufacturing in Australia. All our ugg boots are made in Melbourne, Australia to the highest manufacturing standards.

You can be sure that when you buy Chic Empire® products, you are being supported by a dedicated and experienced sales and customer service team.

The market place is crowded with many companies trying to mimic our authentic Australian sheepskin boots, who offer an inferior product at low prices. We offer the following points of difference which ultimately makes ‘Chic Empire®’ the brand to choose for discerning consumers and retailers alike.

Chic Empire® presents an outstanding product range of boots with points of difference in fashion, quality, technology and construction.

We strive to maintain a position of fashion leader in the ugg boots industry by focusing on fresh designs and materials. Our commitment to quality remains unmatched. All Chic Empire® ugg boots are manufactured from Grade ‘A’ 100% Australian sheepskin. Added to our mix of fashion and quality is our commitment to building technologically comfortable and supportive boot designs not found in other high-end brands. The construction of our boots from their proprietary FORMFELX™ counter heel inserts, ULTRASTICH™ technology and DURASOLE™ outsoles are designed to go beyond consumer expectations. If that is not enough, we even offer Limited Edition ugg boot lines to meet even the most discerning consumers’ needs.

Chic Empire® offers various sales programs and incentives to assist you in selling the products and making greater margins. One of the unique programs that we offer is a stock “buy-back” scheme. These programs vary so it is best if you contact your local sales representative for current program details. Our customer service staff will personally oversee the processing of your order from computer input to shipping out the door.

Chic Empire® understands that helping sell the boots to consumers is a partnership. In that spirit, we have developed an outstanding (POS) point-of-sale program to support sales. To help you promote and display the Chic Empire product range effectively, we can supply your store with unique poster displays, swatches and information to assist staff.

If you require any additional information or want to organise a time to see and feel our product range in person, please call our sales team (+61 3 9544 6110) and discuss how we can grow our business together with a WIN-WIN partnership.